Peter Pan book launch at the NEC

What a great time we had the day that the children from Peter Pan visited our stand this weekend. Steve Hutton (back right) worked with Zach ( a Lost Boy) Aubrey (Peter Pan) and Issy (Wendy). They met and talked with enthusiasm about the parts they played in helping Steve create the characters of this wonderful story. Vistors to the launch we’re delighted.image


Peter Pan book launch at the Birmingham NEC

'Peter Breaks Through' and comes to London from Never Land
‘Peter Breaks Through’ and comes to London from Never Land

Steve Hutton, the illustrator of our latest book ‘Peter Pan’ will be on our stand to discuss this wonderful tale and his art. As Steve used real models for his characters, we are also pleased that the models of Peter and Wendy will also be on the stand on the Saturday (only). The fair runs from Thursday 19 to Sunday 22 November 2015. Come and join us at the event to see both the book and the original artwork. Contact us for a complimentary ticket to the show.